Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Of Late... the Morton Household!

Daddy and Mumzie went out on a double date with Mr. and Mrs. Alexander one evening

While our parents were out on their double date, the Alexander children and I spent an evening together with their Grandma, watching movies, eating pizza (thanks to their Grandma :), and visiting!

Beall and Ty each made me a necklace, and Ty also made me a bracelet...such sweeties!

We like our cameras!

Mumzie and I paid a visit to some of our family


Aunt Kay made an old family recipe..."Man Cookies"

Christopher playing on his cello

Thomas on the cousins are so talented!

We had some yummy 'za for dinner!

We also had opportunity to see some more of our wonderful extended family

Daddy and his cousin K....the oldest grandkids on Grandma's side of the family!

Cousin Syd and I

Daddy and Uncle David visiting with another cousin

We saw a friend whom we have known for many years

We Three Morton's

Cousin S., Uncle D., and Cousin M.

Our Uncle J. with his sons and their fiances


Uncle J., Cousin K., and Aunt S.

A very kind brother :)

Just had to throw in this picture in honor of Oreo's 100th birthday :)

Daddy and Mumzie opening an early anniversary gift from my sisters and I

 Aunt Kay gave them "Happy Anniversary" chocolates!

 I had a fun time babysitting my cousin C. He is such a helper!

 Waiting on the water to boil for the macaroni and cheese

 He was so excited!

 In goes the macaroni

 One happy camper!

 Enjoying the outdoors

Playing tractors

Hope our readers are having a lovely evening and striving each day with us to glorify God by "walking in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord"! Luke 1:6
That's all for now!
The Morton Maiden

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  1. You people are busy! :) :) :) :) (just had to throw "you people" in there) :) :) :)

    Love all the pics! Did not know it was 100 yrs of OREO! I am going to be making you chocolate covered oreos when you guys come to visit! :)



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