Monday, April 30, 2012

Day 5 in Virginia

Makeup art on the way to church

Water bottle fun

 Katie's kisses for Malcolm

 Love the flower!


 I did a variation of the hairstyle from the day before, with my hair down and curled

One of the newest babies at Stephen and Katie's church. So cute!

 The V.'s baby was baptized yesterday, so I took their picture.

 Miss H. helping clean up

 Pastor B.'s baby was also baptized yesterday

 Mrs. B.'s parents were visiting

 Two monkey outfits :)

 Malcolm is becoming more aware of other babies!

L. and her precious baby

Katie and her precious baby!

 Enjoying a meal together


Clean up

Making dinner

 Clean strawberries

We had eggs benedict for good!

The Morton Maiden

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 4 in Virginia

 Today I tried the half-up with bun for my hair.

Waiting for Katie as she tried on clothes while shopping

We did get more pictures today, but they are on Katie's camera, so you'll have to wait to see them until she posts! My camera battery died, so I did not get as many pictures :(

The Morton Maiden

Day 3 in Virginia

 Morning kisses

 We are trying to do a new hairstyle every day of my visit...we'll see if we can keep up! :)

 It's called "Waterfall Braid." You can't see the "waterfall" part as much with our hair since it is darker, but we still liked it! We think it brings some maturity to little-girl braids :)

 Malcolm and Katie ♥

 Katie's cute outfit

Sunglasses we found at Target. So retro! :D

The Morton Maiden

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Virginia Again!


 Katie and Anna picked me up at the airport

 He's crawling!

 Today we sewed

 ...and tried some new hairstyles

 Lol! Taking the caps off the tires

 "Air, please"

 This little guy is too funny!

 Dinner at a delicious French restaurant

 Crepes and salad

 "You have left me no choice but to give you...the smolder"

Banana Foster Crepes...yum!

The Morton Maiden

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The rest of our South Carolina Trip

Excited little fella :)

"Iced white tea anyone?"

JuneBug and Peanut love reading!


An upside down view of the world :D

JuneBug exercised with us :)

Meanwhile, Peanut played ball

JuneBug did a really good job of learning the different stretching and exercise moves!

Traveling the driveway in their play police car

Meg opening her birthday gift from Grandma R.

Pretty shirt!

As usual, we have some goldfish crackers :)


Meg and Baby! ♥

"I'm showing that much already?!" :)


JuneBug getting a batting lesson from his Momma

An innovative way to hit the ball

Often Peanut can be found sitting in front of the bookshelf, books scattered about, "reading" one after is so cute.

Pizza mess

Preliminary taping of the bedroom

Mumzie working on the bathroom

Traveling to Chick-fil-a!

At Chick-fil-a's play station

The boys loved it!

Waiting for food

This picture makes my heart melt and laugh at the same time...JuneBug lovin' on his Auntie and Peanut doing some strange thing with the salt packet! :D

Obviously Peanut did not like the make-shift bib!

Lol! Where did Peanut learn to make that face?!

That is some serious fry eating :D

At this point in our visit we come to the painting part. Since Meg already posted about the painting, I don't want to duplicate it. You can view Meg's post here. 

More reading

Ike likes reading, too (but not when I take a picture of him doing it :D)

At the end of the day, Meg was very happy!

I found this random picture on my educated guess is that Ike took it :D 

Also found this not-so-random cute picture on there (which Ike also probably took :)

Pop-pum, JuneBug and Meg made a visit to the doughnut shop!

Peanut liked his doughnut (well, he likes eating almost anything :)

Ike's parents and siblings came over for a short visit

Peanut waving good-bye

JuneBug blowing kisses

Mumzie made red cake for Meg's birthday

Cleaning strawberries together

While I finished up the strawberries...

The others played euchre. There was the gals against....

....the guys! (love the guys' screaming faces :D)

Getting serious

My job's done!

Cards and goldfish crackers


The matching game

After euchre, Dad, Ike, and JuneBug played airsoft

Moving out

Taking a break from air soft

Meg's shadow


Meg's veggies are growing!

Little man

A ride from Auntie

This face makes me smile


Meg and her boys


Mumzie and two of her girls


"There's Auntie!"

"Happy Birthday to you....

...and many mooore"



Another game of euchre

Not sure what those faces were about!

"This doughnut is delicious"

For lunch on the day we left, we had Five Guys. Peanut was so tired.

Practically the best fries ever!

Peanut was so cute...he was jammin' to the music playing across the speakers

What a fun time!

The Morton Maiden