Monday, April 9, 2012

The rest of our Virginia Trip

A Pineapple for a thank-you....a little joke between us :) 

Happy Malcolm with his happy Grandmum

Malcolm loves chewing on the beak of his "Angry Bird"

Tired but so glad to be there!

After morning hugs and kisses, it was Tummy Time

Heading for the interesting black thing that makes a clicking sound and Auntie is always using....called a camera

"she said I can't have it."
Mumzie enjoying the freshly made mocha from Katie

Mocha Art

Malcolm loves watching The Piano Guys!

"Books are so interesting, Auntie!"
Daddy and Stephen putting together new dining room chairs

Visiting with more family...Mrs. Mouring and Abby

They make a good team :)

Pizza. Lots and lots of it!

Look how long Malcolm is!

A game of Mancala with Abby

We all took turns playing the Wii together

It was hilarious!

Malcolm had been somewhat fussy, but once he saw everyone playing the Wii he started laughing and kicking his legs in excitement!

Bowling fun

Blooming dogwoods

A more serious expression

Grass on the feet

At first he seemed to like it a little

then.....not so much :)

"Pop-pum, help me!"

"there's that click-y thing again!"

Katie making an afternoon treat...more mocha's! This time they were iced.

I couldn't believe how much chocolate was in one cup!

The finished product...yum!

We were treated to a dinner of homemade Chinese! Stephen worked on the egg rolls.



The delicious spread of food

Katie and I had fun making some paper flowers we saw on an online tutorial!

One last picture with Malcolm before heading on to our other destination....South Carolina!

The Morton Maiden


  1. So fun to look at all the pictures!!! We miss you guys! :(

    Love the last pic of you all with Malcolm!


  2. We miss you, too! Thanks for having us! ♥

  3. So sweet! Thanks for sharing all the pictures. Malcolm is a little cutie!

    Those mochas - oh my!

    Homemade Chinese - delish!



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