Thursday, April 26, 2012

Virginia Again!


 Katie and Anna picked me up at the airport

 He's crawling!

 Today we sewed

 ...and tried some new hairstyles

 Lol! Taking the caps off the tires

 "Air, please"

 This little guy is too funny!

 Dinner at a delicious French restaurant

 Crepes and salad

 "You have left me no choice but to give you...the smolder"

Banana Foster Crepes...yum!

The Morton Maiden


  1. Wow! Those crepes look good!
    For future reference at gas stations were the have a semi-truck "fuel area" they have free air for tires. One nice guy told us that on one of our trips when we were about to pay for air. But not many "regular" gas stations have those truck areas.

  2. Meg~
    The crepes are quite good! I just finished my leftovers for lunch. :)
    Thanks for the tire air tip!
    Love ya.


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