Friday, December 16, 2011


For lunch on Thanksgiving day, we ate at Uncle L.'s and Aunt K.'s

Cousins Tom and Chris setting up the place cards. Aunt K. had everything set up so lovely!

Uncle L. helping set out the china

It was so fun working in Aunt K.'s beautiful renovated kitchen! Uncle L. and Aunt K. renovated almost the whole kitchen by themselves, and it turned out so lovely.

" I saw this shirt and thought 'that's such an awesome design right there' and I just had to buy it..." :D

"Have a taste, Mom" (Meg and Katie: yes, that is wassail! Yummy!)

Uncle L. carving the turkey

Visiting amongst family

Pie cutting with my lovely Great Aunts

Brothers playing duets

Aunt P. looking at our brag book of my nephews :)

Now on to dinner....we headed over to Grandma R.'s......

Aunt Bethie!

Pulling out dishes from Grandma's oven


Daddy and Uncle David

Kids playing with Grandma's toys


The monster oven mitts! It is so neat watching Daddy have fun with his nieces and nephews.

Mumzie got to carve the turkey!

Eden loves her Aunt and Uncle!


Uncle Rich and Aunt Beth

Maddy and Bryce

Grandma always has a towel over her shoulder when in the kitchen...and her granddaughters have adopted the habit as well!


Eden kept saying that she wanted "pie" and was all excited about we asked if she wanted pumpkin or cherry pie (pointing them out to her). She said "no", and kept insisting she wanted pie. Finally she pointed to the ReddiWhip and said "I want pie!"...she didn't want pie; she wanted ReddiWhip! :)

Syd the Kid

Domino time!

Can you tell who won? :)

Grandma and Eden

"I will praise the Name of God with a song, and will magnify Him with thanksgiving." Psalm 69:30

"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name." Psalm 100:4

The Morton Maiden


  1. Tom looks pretty good with a beard...just hard to think he old enough to grow one! :) I like Aunt Kay's new kitchen- very nice!
    Eden is so cute!

  2. How I missed celebrating Thanksgiving with family this year....! :(

    Aunt K. wassail looks so yummy....I need to get that recipe!!!

    Little Eden and her pie! So cute!!! Made me laugh!


  3. I like the added commentary to Christopher and I's picture. Very funny. =]
    (Thanks for the compliment on the beard, it mostly came about with laziness and "No Shave Novemember"...)

  4. Thomas~
    Glad you like the commentary. :D
    We know someone else that did "No Shave November"...only he did it last year. Before our friend did it we had never heard if it before! :)


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