Friday, November 18, 2011

Malcolm...Stephen and Katie, too :)

This past weekend the Morton Household took Grandma R. on a trip to see Stephen, Katie, and Malcolm!

Malcolm meeting his Great-Grandma R.

He charms us all with his smiles!

Grandma and Katie in their jean jackets

Malcolm with his Pop-pum

Busy as a bee making cherry pie

Conked out in Daddy's arms

Folding laundry is fun when done with others!

How many people does it take to wash a [broken] window? :)

 Mayhem is everywhere :D

More window-washing

We were so blessed to have nice weather the whole weekend, and took advantage of it by leaf raking

Malcolm and his Great-Grandma enjoying the warm weather

I love this hat on him!

Talking with Grandmum

Our muscle man (I'm not sure why, but Blogger uploaded this picture crooked and I can't flip it!)

Duets are such fun!


Bundled up in his shark towel

Four Generations

Us with Grandma and Malcolm

Mr. Mouring enjoying his Grandson

Daddy and Tim

Visiting with the Mourings and Friends
Grandma brought along some old family pictures...priceless!

The Mourings, Jr.

"awww, Mom, did you have to give me a kiss?" :)

Relaxing on the Lord's Day


Sometimes it's fun to see the process of a photo shoot

Thank you, Lord, for making me an Auntie!

So many...






Katie is such a good mommy

Cooking with a sister is ten times more fun than cooking alone! (especially when cooking Mrs. D.'s whole wheat walnut pancakes ;D)


Now that's what I call a pancake spatula!
Glassy eyes :)
Kiss the cook!

One last picture with Great-Grandma R. before heading back home! :(

Cheeri-o for now,
The Morton Maiden


  1. Oooh... lots of good ones!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing, S. dear!!!!! Looks like y'all had a great time! Love ya!

  2. Dearest Sarah...I'm afraid that apron has mistaken your identity : )

    LOVE the pictures! Can't get over all the adorable facial expressions!!

  3. Sam and Chloe~
    Thanks for your sweet comments, dearies! Yes, Chloe, the apron does not seem to know when its wearer has switched. :D I have a habit of wearing aprons with my sisters' names on them...I suppose it's because I'm often cooking while at their homes. :)
    Love you two,

  4. So every time I look at this post and see the picture of Stephen putting together the baby swing and read "Mayhem is Everywhere", I laugh until my side hurts!!!! Since seeing your imitation of the commercial we have become fans and quote it often!!! :) Although you guys are way better than the commercial! :) :)

    Love ya!
    P.S. Poor Sarah! I put her to work when she is here (Mom and Dad too)! Speaking of want to come and make me a smoothie??? Oh, and I could really use some pancakes too! :)


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