Tuesday, November 1, 2011

On the road again...

...To Ike's and Meg's!

JuneBug loves maps (a family trait, if you couldn't tell from the picture :). He'll point to a country and say "who lives here?" Then another one..."who lives here?" So fun!
Comfort after an injury
"That Coke looks quite tempting, Mum-mum!"

As always, JuneBug asks Pop-pum to read to him :)
Teamwork on a new toy shelf
Peanut's First Birthday! He loved being sung to.
Blowing out the candle was a little daunting, though :)
He was indeed a Happy Birthday Boy

Licking the cake decorations
Peanut eats his cupcake
"Wow. That's good."
Oh, yes....he loved it....
...a lot!

That was the messiest we let him get...it was time to do some clean up
Part-way through the clean up it looked like he had a beard under his mouth :D
Fun times with Grandmum
Playing hoops
My feeble attempts to make a basket

He loves balls

Little hands, big fingers
Lovin's from Auntie!
We had to help Peanut learn to actually put the ball in the hoop...he wanted to just hold it :)
Mr. Police Man
More reading
Visiting with Mrs. Reeder and Phillip at church
Peanut and one of his church buddies
Singing Psalms with children
On our last day, we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast
Such handsome little fellas
Until next time,
The Morton Maiden

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