Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Year's Eve

This year on New Year's Eve we headed over to the P.'s home for fellowship, fun, food, and games.

Makenna helped Mumzie set out our food

"When can we eat?"
The C. family also came. It was great getting to see them again!

Getting my baby fix :)


Game time!

Drew and Melanie

"Worst Case Scenario"

Yummy strings :D

"What are the symptoms of bulimia nervosa?...."

Bored? :D

Taboo time


We then played a round of spoons...the most intense game of the night (if you couldn't tell by their faces :)!

I blinded everyone with my flash :)


Spoon tricks

He caught it!
The circle is getting smaller...people are loosing

Lukas: "If I stick my tongue out like this, it helps me concentrate"

Melanie is quite popular

Father and son wrestling over a spoon :D

"I got it!"

All the losers had to hold the "loser" sign on their forehead

"You cheated!"
"No, you cheated!"

Down to the wire....the last round. Lukas: "This tongue thing really seems to at least got me this far!"
Miss O. won! Sorry, Lukas...maybe try holding your tongue a different way next time :D

Loser :D

The Losers and the Winner

What a great way to bring in the new year! Thanks for having us, P. family!

The Morton Maiden


  1. It was great seeing you all again also! Thanks for sharing the pictures--they're great!
    The C Family

  2. Glad you enjoyed the pictures! We had such a fun time with you all.


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