Friday, January 27, 2012

Water Park

We had a fun week recently at an indoor water park with Stephen, Katie, Malcolm, and our dear friend Devin! Malcolm had grown and matured so much since we last saw him, and it was good to just spend time together!

Daddy and Mumzie relishing their time with Malcolm

Auntie's turn! (see how big he is?! He almost doesn't fit in my arms!)

Me, "Pac-Man", and Devin


Prim and proper :)

Enjoying calamari

Devin: "I'll skip the calamari, thank you." :D

Dinner was delish and a great time of visiting (I especially enjoyed the sweet potato fries...yum!)

BIG eyes

The poor little guy was so tired tub on our patio

Chillin' with Mum-mum

Songs with Auntie

Smiles with Pop-pum

Tummy time

I love all his different smiles!

My first time feeding a bottle to one of my nephews!

Mirrors are such fun

A stop in front of the candy shop while on a little shopping trip

"We are ready.... swim!"

And here we are, zipping down the water slide, screaming ourselves hoarse

Fun times

Mumzie's waaaay at the top!

Smiles for Grandmum. We all took turns watching Malcolm while the others swam.

Mumzie laughing after coming out the ride

Up to the top we go!

Katie's turn down

She toppled over!

Ready for the roller coaster ride

Mumzie and Malcolm

Devin takes a turn with Katie on the roller coaster

My classy sister

Stephen and Katie ready for their date

Our room was decorated with these rather scary looking masks. We tried to make light of them to help keep them from being so scary :)

King Julian! (from the movie Madagascar)

"Wave my arm for me" (said in King Julian type voice)

One afternoon Stephen, Katie, Devin, and I went down to the arcade, but all the games were undergoing maintenance so we just pretended to play.

(insert a bunch of guy noises like machine guns, etc.)



How I treasure my time with Malcolm!

He is just so cute!

Laughing with Grandmum

Pop-pum is back! (Daddy was only able to come off and on throughout the we missed him!)

Such a strong little fella

Walking around

Yes, Malcolm did actually get some Mommy time even with so many other hands to hold him!

LOL! Too cute!

Watching family videos

Looking at the pictures of our handsome little man

Once the arcade was up and running again, we got some pictures at the photo booth....even thought the photo booth was not working all that great. In the end, though, the pictures were worth it! (click here to see Katie's post with the photo booth pictures)

Devin taught us how to do Dance Dance Revolution. "Ugh! This music does not work for me!"

Moving feet

"Wow! Look at how fast she moves!"
Pop-pum's here again! Yipee!

Katie was excited, too :D

Back in the swimming area!

This game really works your arms

Daddy, Stephen, Katie, and I riding together

Our yummy dinner from Chipotle


Devin: "Don't look at my dominoes!"


We had a fun "girls brunch"

Nothing like a Mommy getting her baby to smile

Playing air hockey for real this time!

Mumzie and I decided to try this pathetic "Wacky Duck" game at the arcade...

Did I say it was a pathetic duck game? It only gave us a measly 3 tickets each...what a waste.

We tried out the mini bowling alley

Katie and Devin discussing (I'm sure) my form... "think she'll make it?" "it'll never work"

Go Mumzie!

Malcolm was transfixed on the screens rather than the ball :)

What would be an arcade without skeeball?


Good game, Devin!

Taking a turn with Dance Dance Revolution. "Ummm, no. Not that song."

"Let's go!"

She's got the moves!

So does Katie!

Mumzie's turn

"Back, front, side, side,"

Air hockey again

We were quite happy with the amount of tickets we got!

Watching Puss in Boots

One of the toys we got from our tickets at the arcade was Stephen's little plastic knife. We had a lot of fun with it...."Ya money er ya life" :D

Until next time,
The Morton Maiden

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  1. Oh, it looks like y'all had so much fun!!! Love all of the great pictures! We can't wait to see you in just a few days!!!!!!!!

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