Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend With Devin

The Morton's recently had the pleasure of hosting my friend Devin for a weekend, and had a splendid time with her!

Looking at craft books in Barnes and Noble

Escalators are so fun!

A traditional mirror picture

Listening to a sermon together on the Lord's day

Yummy lunch

Orange coat, orange cute!

Mumzie and I took Devin to our favorite restaurant

One of the best salads ever!

Shopping at Charming Charlie....."oh, I think these earrings would just look charming, dearie!" :)

We gave Devin the barn tour

Daddy has done so much renovation to the barn!

This picture makes me laugh :)

Come back soon to see what Devin and I did after her weekend with us!

Until next time,
The Morton Maiden


  1. Nice coat, Scarfy : ) hehe

  2. LOVE the picures!! That picture overlooking the pond made me laugh too :) And the salad...all I had to do was look at it and I could taste it!! mmmmm... can't wait to see the next round!!! Oh, and I love Devin's orange coat!
    Aunt Bethie


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