Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Place of Mud Pies, a River, and Friends; Part 1

That's right! Devin and I traveled down to Mississippi for a week to visit the dear N. family!

On our way to the airport, we saw this tow truck and found it amusing with the "Mater" on it (like "TA-Mater, without the 'Ta'":)

In the air

Enjoying the flight together

We love getting treats on airplanes! (although that bag of snacks wasn't the greatest...)

We made it, thank the Lord!


An unexpected sight on the highway

"Welcome to our garden"

"Do not buy this weed! People will try to trick you into buying it, but don't! It will overtake your garden....and I can't stand it!" :)

Not wanting to upset the dog, Devin dared not look at her (a feat not easily accomplished for Devin!) :)

The cat is much more receptive of visitors

Dinner preparations

I can almost smell the bacon right now!

Mrs. Renee

One day we went out to the N.'s property. We girls arrived early to prepare the campfire.

This being the first time for any of us girls to start a fire, it was a rather daunting task :)

While the other girls collaborated and worked hard....

...I took pictures and provided moral support :D

"So....what do ya'll think?"

"It's no good. We need to start over."

Kung fu! (or something like that :)

A slightly easier way of breaking wood :)

While waiting for the fire to start, we took a look at their pond

And after admiring the pond, we came back to the fire pit and found that *gasp!* it had ignited!

They were happy to learn some good Girl scout techniques!

We all make each-other laugh

Mrs. Renee and Mr. Bob enjoying the view

A jump over the creek

Devin's Art


Sam, Chloe, and I in the hunting lift (Sam and Chloe, is that the right name for it? I can't remember.)


Singing to Sam

We were still tickled about our fire. "Oooh! Look at the pretty fire!" (said in high squeaky girly voices)
Poor Chloe after her half-fall into the creek :)

Braving the unstable logs across another small creek


Chloe wringing out her soaked sock

I love these girls!


..shadow figures

Later that evening we girls played games in the camper. There were two teams...the Fire Team and the Ice Team (I'll let you figure out which is which :)

Car ride

Our trusty front-seaters

Lunch with the H. ladies


Part of my delicious lunch, accompanied with a sweet tea

S. and Chloe

Devin and Sam

H., Mrs. Renee, and Mrs. K.

All of us girlies

Camellia season was early this year, much to our pleasure!

Our last few minutes of chatting

We joined Sam and Chloe for their dulcimer group practice

I loved listening to the group...it was such a treat!

Prepping her instrument

Devin's Art

Chloe's violin adds such a nice accompaniment to the dulcimers!

Devin...love this picture!

Chatting and cooking

Mrs. Renee

Until Part Two of Mississippi,
The Morton Maiden


  1. Love the pics! What wonderful memories!! It is actually called a shooting house...or at least that's what we've always called it : ). By the way, you enlisted a good ally, Mr. Mike has already been pestering us about going up to visit you all : )

  2. Ah, yes...the shooting house! Thanks for reminding me!

    Mr. Mike has stayed true to his word...tell him I say thank you! :D

  3. Looks like so much fun! You all are so funny! :) I love the pictures of getting the fire built!!!!



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