Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Day With the G. Family

We went to the Creation Museum and some of us held various reptiles (as you faithful blog readers already know :)

J. holding a snake. He's a brave one!

Daddy is, too!

A very interesting reptile

J. and S.

In the model of Noah's Ark there are monitors to quiz you on your knowledge of God's word about the ark


We went to a special event called "Snakes Alive!", where we saw and touched many different types of snakes and learned more about God's wondrous creation of reptiles

Touching an alligator! (it was a baby one)

Hesitant me :)

The reptile expert who hosted the show had volunteers hold some snakes. One of the snakes stuck his head into the pocket of the guy who was holding him! *shudder*

The instructor put five snakes around his neck all at once!

He was a dynamic speaker...I enjoyed listening to him and appreciated how he pointed everything back to God

Mumzie was stuck for a few moments of having to hold a snake skin...she was not exactly thrilled, but did quite well! :)

The G. men holding the boa constrictor

Just had to post this one, too....look at Mumzie's face!

It's fun being part of a large group!

A dinosaur!

"wow" :)

Friends are such a blessing

Comparing S.'s hand to the foot print of a dinosaur

Us girlies riding a dinosaur

J. and C. took a turn

On our way to the petting zoo

Ever seen a zonkey before?

S. and M.

Thankfully, I do not think this was a spitting camel :)

The zorse and the zonkey

Bad hair day :D

I don't remember what these animals were called, but they were somewhat like a llama

Sweet sisters

Waiting while we figured out a plan for dinner

I love these two ♥

Giggling and enjoying the company of one-another

Looking for the other two in our group...."where are they?"

After dinner we headed across the way to Jungle Jim's!

Mumzie and Mrs. G.

"Nooo! Not my picture!"



Fun times

Finding the all-important Nairn's

Senoritas! :D

What a blessed day!

"And God made the beast of the earth after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind: and it was so." Genesis 1:24

"Ointment and perfume rejoice the heart: so doth the sweetness of a man's friend..." Proverbs 27:9

The Morton Maiden


  1. It certainly looks like you had a good time! When you told us about holding that snake.... were we ever surprised! I didn't realize you were talking about a fake one though:-) That does make a little difference, but good job just the same:-)
    Looks like they've added quite a bit to the Creation Museum since we've been there! I'm sure it's even more interesting. Although, the planetarium is definitely one of the top favorites in our home!
    Yes, aren't those zonkies interesting creatures?! We had the opportunity to see one when we went to visit our Grandpa A. once at a place he use to work at.
    Oh, by the way, where did you decide to eat dinner?:-)
    ~Brittany, for all of us here at Alexander Farms

  2. The llama like animal is called an alpaca.
    Sam B.

  3. Brittany~
    I'm afraid you are mistaken about the snake we held being fake...it was as real as you and I!

    This trip to the Creation Museum was our first time getting to see the planetarium! We loved it! It truly amazed me to think of God's mighty hand in the heavens.

    We ate dinner at Chipotle...one of our favorites! :) Can you believe I didn't take any pictures there?! We were going to eat at an Olive Garden, but there was a very long wait...I think everyone was satisfied with Chipotle, though. :)

    Sam B. (a.k.a. Li'l Bumpas)~
    Thanks for reminding me what the "alpacas" are called! What would I do without our readers reminding me of these things? My memory slips far too often :)


  4. OK. Now I'm really impressed with the snake incident:-)


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