Saturday, August 25, 2012


The Morton's took a trip a couple months ago to Wisconsin with Grandma R. and Uncle David to celebrate our Aunt and Uncle's 50th Wedding Anniversary!

We ate at a wonderful Mexican restaurant for was the best Mexican we have had in a while!


We had fun racing in the pool at our hotel

Daddy and I attempting the Ballet Leg :D

A game of Eucher back in the room

Next morning, we ate breakfast with Great-Uncle Jon

Uncle David on his 2nd and-a-half waffle! :D

A delicious lunch with some of Grandma's siblings

We love Ballreich's potato chips!

Visiting at the Anniversary party

Grandma, Aunt Neicy, and I visiting with a friend from Ireland

Some of Uncle Jim's singing friends surprised Uncle Jim and Aunt Sandy with a beautiful performance

Enjoying the music

Trying to start a game of Bocce Ball

Walking along a small trail. It was really pretty!


We didn't play bocce ball, but we did play cornhole.

"Aim right there"
(I needed all the help I could get :D)

Uncle Jim and Aunt Sandy renewed their vows

Uncle Jeff, the ringbearer 50 years ago, reading

Aunt Niecy and Uncle Jeff.....they are so sweet.
Cousin Sheree and Aunt Sandy

Cutting the cake

Uncle Jeff reinacted what he had done 50 years ago....snatched some icing off the cake :D

Some of the original wedding party

The 3 Musketeers

Visiting with Cousin Kim
A brunch was held the following morning before everyone left. We enjoyed looking at pictures.....
....and visiting some more!
What a beautiful thing to see couples devoted to their marriage!
The Morton Maiden

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