Monday, August 13, 2012

RPI Conference

It's that time of year again.....the Morton's conference season! We started the season out with our denomination's international conference, which is held every four years. This makes it more of an abnormal "treat" :D

Lord's Day morning, we headed off to get some breakfast

God gave us a beautiful day!

Chatting with friends before service

We decided to sit at a table instead of stand around :)

G . and A.

Preparing for worship

Instructions about the confusing lunch line :)

Waiting.... the long lunch line!


The group I sat with

The P.'s came for the day.

Enjoying the Psalm sing

We girls thought this couple looked so sweet!

We had some stimulating and encouraging conversations that evening about the Lord's day, the sermons that we heard, and other such things

A. wrote down profound statements from R. and claims he is going to make a book out of them :D

G., A., and myself


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Holding Mayumi while her parents were in the food line (yes, all those people behind us were in the food line!)

Mr. Soma checking in on us through the window :)

Mayumi lit up when she saw her daddy :)

We had more company for breakfast...Isaac, Ethan, and....


Mr. Beeke was the main speaker for the conference, and his mother passed away while he was there. Mr. Beeke's mother was a diligent prayer warrior (praying for hours at a time), and the day that she passed away was also the day that Mr. Beeke had planned to speak about cultivating prayerful about God's providence! God gave Mr. Beeke much grace to get through the lecture in a composed manner, and He greatly blessed the lecture to those who heard it! After the session, all the elders that were present gathered on the stage and prayed for the Beeke family. Then, a gentleman in the congregation took the opportunity to pray for the elders since they were all truly was an amazing work of the Lord.

Alli and I after lunch

Wanting to play volleyball, but having no volleyball to play with, we stood around figuring out what to do.

Thanks for holding my bag, A. :D

At least we had a good time standing around :)

Finally, a decision was made...

We went to Wal Mart and bought a volleyball!

"This one looks good"

"Umm....did anybody bring money??"

Joe found something to entertain himself with did others :)

Oooh! Sunglasses!

It's great when you can have spiritual conversations even at Wal Mart :)

Funny as it may sound, it was actually relaxing to be at Wal Mart for a little while

R. showing us how strong he is....

...with a swimming noodle :D

Yes, A., without you it is "just Aweso"


Heading back to conference

The back-seaters

Fun with the volleyball


That afternoon we played games


Catchphrase...very popular with this group

"Pick me"
I'm really not sure what was going on in this picture :D

Danielle and her friend


Danielle, Isaac, and Jo

Sam and friends

A story game

It was hilarious!

Isaac was our time-keeper....he looks thrilled :)

Writing or drawing

"Oh, my"

Love this one of you, Alli!

Yet another food line. With over 2,000 people, you can imagine how long the lines could be.

Ready to watch the Talent Show

Balcony seats were fun

The Soma's sat behind us

I had the pleasure of sitting with the D.'s for a session

Mrs. B. and cute F.

An armful of food


Conversing about worship....

...followed by prayer

"Where's the volleyball?"

Mumzie and A. fetching the ball

We loved the sand!

Alli got some great action shots for us

Interesting hit

Waiting for our driver

Decisions, decisions.
This is rather a fitting picture of R., as there's a story about him filling his cup with every single type of pop there was at the Polar Pop.

The Brain Trust...these guys are hilarious!

More volleyball

Waiting our turn
Daddy and Mumzie watched for awhile

Joe decided he would play "kneel volleyball" :)
I think that one landed out-of-bounds :)

Go, A.!
"I'm fallinggggg!"

After being kicked out of the rec center because it was closing time, we visited outside

A., R., and Joe got midnight snacks for us all!
You can tell R. and A. are related....they're sitting exactly the same way!

This cute little boy asked to recite his memory verse to S. It was so precious!
Breakfast with the D.'s is always fun!

J. and this gentleman had matching shirts!

D. was able to come for another day of the conference and brought his sister, E.! We were very excited.
Daddy and Mumzie

A. explaining 3 aspects of worship to me, using a plastic lid as a diagram. In all seriousness, it actually made sense!

Impromptu Psalm singing

Daddy, Mumzie, and I had fun one evening eating dinner with the B.'s and J.B., then visiting afterwards

G. pushing her siblings

Mumzie enjoyed entertaining the children. They counted popcorn....

...and then played domino's.

Amused while watching...

...some Irish dancing!

There was lots more fun during the dance, we just didn't have time to take pictures!

Yours truly with sweet E.

Mumzie splintered her finger bone while at the conference. We are very thankful that it did not turn out to be worse than what it was.

D. took a look at Mumzie's x-rays
Then he re-taped her finger. What a blessing!
Our last dinner at the conference :(
Everyone walked us to our van... say good-bye!

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped take pictures! Alli, Daddy, Joe, R., A., and there were probably others, too....thanks so much everyone!

I highly recommend that you listen to Mr. Beeke's sessions, as well as the other sessions (if they become available). You can do so here. Hope they are a blessing to you!

The Morton Maiden


  1. So many great photos! I loved reading your commentary that went along with them. :)

  2. Looks like y'all had a great time! Wonderful fellowship, teaching, encouragement... God is so good, isn't He?! Hope to talk soon, dear!

  3. I was actually kinda thrilled about keeping time, believe it or not... :D


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