Tuesday, July 31, 2012

More of our Precious Toad

When we arrived, JuneBug informed us that "the baby is already here!" :D

Our first time seeing little Toad

He's such a squirmy boy!

We love his head of hair!

My 4th nephew! ♥

Church friends stopped by to bring a meal and see the newest munchkin

Kisses from his oldest brother

A long little fella


Pop-pum reading to the boys and the boys' aunt

This picture makes me smile every time I see it

And this one is just too cute

Love this...all the guys lined up, preparing for family worship

On the Lord's day we sat around while Ike read to us....Peanut was very entertaining as well :)

Toad rested during the reading




Look how his hair hangs over his ears!

Reciting his catechism to Pop-pum


The Reeder's stopped by to drop off dinner and see Toad

Mumzie entertained the kids

We talked to Katie on Skype today so she could see the baby

Peaceful sleep

Such a funny little guy

One noisy (in a precious way) little traveler

Reading time with Mum-mum

Hope these satisfy the plea for pictures...at least for now!

Until next time,
The Morton Maiden


  1. Thank you for the pictures!!!! REALLY enjoyed seeing all the fun moments! Little Toad is so cute! He is just so precious!

    I love the picture of him sleeping! So sweet!


  2. Thanks so much for sharing all the sweet pictures! We all thoroughly enjoyed looking through them! What a little cutie pie! And that head full of hair!
    Much love to everyone,
    Brittany, for the family

  3. I just keep thinking how much he looks like most of the Atkins' babies!!!!


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