Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Squirrely Gazette; Part 2

Devin obligingly allowed me to do her hair one morning.

The front...

...and the back. We ended up going with a different look because we thought this one was just a little too...different.

While mixing together the Caesar salad, I ended up breaking their salad tongs. I have come to the conclusion that it must have been the shirt, as I wore the exact same one last summer when I broke something else. Perhaps I shall ban the shirt from my least when I'm going to someones home!

Devin reading some correspondence.

I think she liked it :D

Dinner was, yet again, a smashing hit (despite the grief over the salad tongs)

The M.'s treated me to dessert at Toni's!

Thanks so much!

This picture is for you, Chloe :)

Ice cream cones are huge at Toni's! 

"No, I'm not eating both of these" 

Momma Diane enjoying her ice cream

A short chat via technology

Devin and I spent an afternoon out together.

We saw Madagascar 3 in the theater
While we enjoyed the movie, we do have some disclaimers.

We had Chick-fil-a for lunch and reminisced about Katie's and my first time eating Chick-fil-a at the very same place....what memories!

Up next....shoe shopping!

"I like this color of dress"

Purchasing water has always been a tradition with the M.'s

We watched fireworks on TV for our 4th of July celebration

Next day, Devin and I read a very interesting and informative article about body language

Hair fixing
Lovely, dear!

Browsing at a couple antique stores
We love books...especially old ones

Walking home

Hat shopping at the other antique store

Devin found a flower book...
...and she practically devoured it the rest of the time we shopped!

This was one of our favorite hats!

You look smashing, Devin!

Ah, yes....those famous (or infamous?) mirror shots

 While waiting at a store, Devin and I amused ourselves with our matching sunglasses....

 ...and dancing :D

 I was treated to a pedicure!

 Letter writing

 More fun with mirrors!

 Mirror wars
We were getting tired, and were waiting at a shoe store for Mr. Keith to get off work. While we waited, we found innovative things to do with footies from the shoe store. :)

Nice ear piece!

 S'wonderful bow tie


Another phone call :)

Cheeriness after the call

Not only was I treated to a pedicure, but also to having my hair done in Irish curlers!
The finished product #1

The finished product #2

At the end of my visit, we met up with my parents, Grandma, and Uncle David

"I think I'll order the liver and onions" (not really)

Our group

The M.'s visited with us for a bit while we prepared ourselves for a wedding

One last picture before the M.'s left.

(Sorry, but you'll have to wait for the wedding pictures :)

And so ends The Squirrely Gazette.....for now

~The Morton Maiden~


  1. Ok the picture of ya'll "reading a very interesting and informative article" cracked me up! You don't look interested at all! :D
    I guess you bought the shoes? I noticed them in other pictures. Devin's were kind of cute! :D

    1. Well, we WERE just didn't look that way :D

      Yes, I bought the red shoes. Devin did not buy the blue ones, though. I don't think they were very comfortable :D


  2. Looks like so much fun!!! Love the hairstyle you experimented with! It looks like a waterfall bun combo!!!

    Those hats are gorgeous!

    The footie nylon pictures are priceless! :) I could not stop laughing!

    Toni's ice cream....WOW! That there is an ice cream cone!!!! :) :)

    Oh and one more love the shoes!


    1. The hairstyle was exactly what you called it...a waterfall bun combo! :)



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