Saturday, September 3, 2011


After spending a few days with us, the Vernon clan took me with them to visit our Great-Grandparents, who are JuneBug's and Peanut's Great-Great Grandparents!

I love this picture...laid back JuneBug and talkative Auntie in our travels :)

Once arrived, we ate at a Chinese restaurant.

Our waitress loved Peanut (though who can blame her? :D). Peanut wasn't quite sure what to think. :)

JuneBug was so excited to get ice cream

Peanut loved it, too!

Grandpa eating my mistake :D

Strolling the grounds


Peanut and Ike

Touring Grandpa's office

JuneBug loved riding the play horse

Explaining the old telephone

Peanut enjoying a ride, too

Everyone has to try out the pump organ!

"I'm doing it!"

JuneBug didn't have to press the pedals :)

Peanut was trying to learn how to climb the steps. Eventually he did climb up one step, but didn't make it any further.

"Hm? Me? Climb steps? Noooo...."

"I can do it, too!"
Grandpa outshone us all with his excellent talent

Telling about his treadmill


Grandma and Peanut

JuneBug found a train


A table JuneBug's size. Grandpa and Grandma have all sorts of interesting things!

Snacks before bedtime. If you ever need to hear a bedtime story, just ask Grandpa about the corn story his Grandpa used to tell..... :)

Tying a piece of floss around JuneBug's wrist.....why? Because that's just Grandpa. :) As you can tell, JuneBug didn't mind a bit.

Mmm! Breakfast! If there's one thing you can count on at Great-Grandpa's and Great- Grandma's house (besides having a load of fun), it is that you will never go hungry.

We were blessed every morning to have Grandpa read a chapter from the Bible to us.
Peanut is starting to enjoy cheerios!

Breakfast wars

Making our PB&J picnic lunch

Telling (or asking) Grandma something

Grandpa and Ike enjoyed a little pool

Lunch at the park

Ahoy, Mate!

Too cute for words

They had so much fun!

This was JuneBug's first time being at a park that big, and he did not want to leave!

Trying to work this balance thing

Help from Great-Grandpa

Stepping logs

JuneBug did not like this case you couldn't gather that from how tight he was holding on to Meg :)


We spent one afternoon at the beach!

Poor Grandpa and Grandma...we wore them out!

What would be the beach without a beach bucket?


In the lake


One evening we visited some extended family...they had the perfect toy for the boys!

Another evening we visited a different set of extended family

Nothing like root beer floats to end an evening

Getting our tickets for...

...a train ride!

Talking with the conductor

All aboard!


"Let's go!"

Instructions from the conductor

Grandpa has such captivating stories
JuneBug getting his ticket punched by the Conductor
Just like his Momma....sleeping on vacation :)
Enjoying the ride
Once we arrived at our destination, the engine had to switch which end he was pulling the train to take us back.
Backing up to latch on to the new train car
Our Group (Grandma stayed at home to work on lunch)

Grandpa got out his harmonicas and taught Ike how to play
Making something
While Grandpa, Grandma, Ike, and Meg enjoyed their hollander break, the boys and I enjoyed an afternoon nap!
Catching up on e-mails (that was an e-mail to you, Allie! :) Meg wanted to take a picture as if that is the only thing I do on vacation :)
Meanwhile, everyone else played ball
"I did it!"
JuneBug was pitched to, while Ike needed the Tee :D
So.....when I was done on the computer, Meg jumped on to catch up on her  e-mails :)
Riding a dog...?
Bocce ball!
One talented Momma

Before you see the next picture, you need a little bit of introduction. We were merrily playing bocce ball, and Grandpa threw the white Pallino ball (the one that you try to get close to), and it landed in a rather interesting spot....right near a tree that had a basin and two porcelain rabbits by it. One of the rabbits was in front and to the left of the Pallino by about 15 inches. As it nears my turn, I say "I just don't want to hit the rabbit!" I then focus steadily on throwing my red bocce ball close to the Pallino ball. I throw, and........
....CRASH! I hit the rabbit. See the balls in the background? Well, the white ball is what I was aiming for, and the red ball is mine. I wish we could have gotten a picture of every one's face! I felt so horrible. Grandpa and Grandma were so sweet about the whole thing. The one good fact that came out of the incident was that I scored the point for that round, and ended up winning the game (although Ike says I only win by accident :D)!

Cutie boy

From crying... smiling

Meg and her boys
Such a cute couple
Grandpa and Grandma took us to an ice cream shop! JuneBug wanted blue ice cream :)
My sundae...yum!

Winding down with a Baseball game
Thanks for having us, Grandpa and Grandma! (and for not getting upset about your rabbit.....)
Ike's right-hand helper
We were all tired!
Snickers bar, family, talking....
...It's so fun!

Until next time,
The Morton Maiden

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