Friday, September 2, 2011

Visit from the Vernon's

Welcome to the Morton's third blog! For our first three posts on this blog, you can expect to see lots of pictures of two very cute little boys, JuneBug and Peanut. :) We recently had an extended visit with Peanut, JuneBug, Ike, and Meg, making for some great memories! Enjoy the pictures! (Since I am working with an updated version of Blogger, some of the pictures are slightly out of please bear with me as I endeavor to get familiar with all these new settings!)

Curious Peanut

We had such a fun time swimming in our pond and watching Ike and Meg do cool flips off the diving board

In she goes!

The Morton Maiden cuddling with her darling nephews

Peanut loves the water!
Such a handsome little expression

Telling me that Solomon is in the Proverbs :D

Looking at family pictures

Peanut wasn't too excited about the whole life jacket thing :D

First time experiencing the texture of sand

How I would love to know his thoughts!

Peanut and Mumzie



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  1. You need to change the font...kind of hard to read. :) I know I'm only commenting on the layout not on the pictures but... :)

  2. I'm not entirely surprised that you're onto a third blog. :D

    Hey, I thought you weren't going to be swimming in the pond. Something along the lines of using it for drinking water as well? Oh well. Looks like a great time.


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