Saturday, September 24, 2011

We have the last part of Ike's and Meg's trip up North. Please continue to bear with me as I learn this new Blogger system....some of the pictures are dreadfully out of order!

Swimming was of course in the list of "things to do" :)

*nervous laugh before he jumps*


A rather pitiful splash compared to Ike's :)

Laughing at our family videos :)

Pop-pum is home from work!

so precious!

When Ike, Meg, the boys, and I got back to our house from visiting my grandparents, we were so excited to see that Daddy and Mumzie had started to put up our "new" yet old trampoline!

JuneBug (doing a somersalt in this picture)  loved the trampoline!

We have a great amount of sentimental attachment to this trampoline. Meg's, Kate's, and my great-grandparents bought this trampoline when we were much younger to put in front of their big picture window and watch us jump with our cousins. We loved spending time with our cousins on that trampoline, and we kids (along with our grandparents, uncles, and Daddy) came up with some pretty fun activities on there! When our grandparents sold the house, they gave it to our cousins as we were living in the city at that point of our lives and had no room for a trampoline. Our cousins now do not have the time to spend on the trampoline like they used to, so they passed the trampoline on to Daddy and Mumzie so the next generation of children could enjoy it!

You are never too old to enjoy a swing :)

Ouch. :D

As you can see, we all enjoy the trampoline!
Jumping with Peanut

Daddy upstairs in the barn

A cicada was found!
JuneBug did not like him, either :)
Reading with Mum-mum
On a trip with.....
Camfires are so much fun!
I'm sure Meg agrees :)
Roasting JuneBug's marshmallow
...he bites, aaannnnddd.... He's not sure what to think.
Campfire doughnuts! Yum!
Ike's first bite

It looks like Ike is giddy after his doughnut!

Since we're on the topic of food.....Mumzie and Meg making pudgy pies
The boys...aren't they just peaches?!
Calmly swinging

Setting up for....

...a photo shoot with Grandmum!


Hangin' with Pop-pum

Great-Uncle John and Aunt Patty stopped by for a short
Aunt Patty liked Peanut's hair
Comfort from Momma
Hugs for Uncle John
Interesting stories for Aunt Patty

The next morning the Vernon's got up early, we snuggled for a few minutes with JuneBug and Peanut, then they were off for home! Can't wait for the next time we get to see them all!

The Morton Maiden

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