Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby Boy!

We are thrilled to announce the safe arrival of Stephen's and Katie's little boy! Isn't he a peach?! What a fun time it has been to spend time with this new little blessing the last several days!
(Photo credit for above picture goes to Mr. Mouring)

 First viewing of the little one

 Pop-pum giving godly instruction to Baby M.

 Is he smiling at Auntie?!

 Happy Daddy

 The Thinker

Happy Mommy

Until next time,
The Morton Maiden

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  1. Oh ~ He is just so beautiful! What a joy to get to see all the pictures. Katie and Stephen look so deeply in awe and in love with their son! It is so neat to see the awe in their eyes. What a very special blessing for your family! Love to all of you!
    ~ The Alexander Family


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