Monday, July 2, 2012

The Squirrely Gazette; Part 1

Special post by the Morton Maiden and her dear companion, Devin

With temperatures reaching 92 degrees today, the inhabitants of West Virginia were encouraged to stay indoors.....

Some of the locals decided to put on a hat show in support of the Protection Against UV rays Agency.

In other news, unspecified dwellers in West Virginia claim to have been invaded by a time-traveling knight with his lady, squire, and his lady's maiden sister.
The dwellers did indicate, however, their pleasure in entertaining the squire.
The squire was reported to have conquered some new knightly ventures....
...and to have been very charming.
The invaders were so enthralled with the general splendor of the dwellers' castle that they soon learned to adapt themselves to their surroundings. 

and to enjoy the local fare

"Our hosts were quite obliging," said the maiden sister.

One dweller was quite displaced by the implement attached to the maiden's eye.
The maiden was averse to being placed on the opposite side the the implement, but gave in with good grace.

The dwellers and invaders alike enjoyed communication with one cavalier who also wishes to invade the northern territory.

The dwellers graciously prepared a sumptuous feast for breakfast.

The smoothies were recorded to have been especially delightful.

The Lady, the Knight, the Squire, and the Benedict...
eggs that is.

Feasting at the oval table
"I found the squire's company beguiling," quoth the faithful friend
The squire's response, "giggle!"

After some of the invaders departed, it was documented that the maiden and her faithful companion enjoyed the engaging company of some non-yankee friends.

The friend and her mother thought it beneficial to purchase some goods from the local market.
Another knight left his own token of affection to his lady on the horseless buggy at the market, with an attached note indicating his admiration.
The maiden found her friend an amiable companion

After the market tour, a hunting party was almost mounted against a ground hog that was seen in the neighbors' yard. The quarry was found to be too expeditious in its escape.

Dinner preparation was completed with due diligence.

Taco salad was claimed to have been very savory to the hungry shoppers.

By Devin and S.A.M., who can be reached in the comment page below


  1. Shnap! Looks like y'all had fun! Dinner looks much better than what I had last night. Might I say, wish I was there?

    1. You may say it, and I agree!

  2. Love the post!!! I am cracking up! :) :) :)

    I have to say....I love that first picture of Malcolm! Oh my dear! He just melts my heart! :)

    The picture of the rose and note made me smile! Real life romance is way better than the movies! :) :) :) :)

    That taco salad looks YUMMMY! Did you all make the tortilla salad bowl?


    1. Glad you love the post! Keep checking for Part 2. :)

      Malcolm does indeed melt hearts. :D

      We LOVED seeing the note and rose! It made our day!

      Yes, we made the tortilla salad bow....YUM!

      Love ya,

  3. So um I've kept "checking" for part 2........

    Hehe! :) :) :) :)


    1. Sorry! I've just been sitting around thinking about doing another post, not having anything else going on, not being on the run for, like, WEEKS or anything! :D LOL! I know, I know...I pretty much committed to another post...just have a bit more patience and hopefully one will be up this week.:)



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