Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fun Friend Day

The Morton ladies enjoyed being with the P. children while their parents were celebrating their anniversary. The kids are so responsible and such hard workers, it was quite fun and easy!

It was fun doing Makenna's hair

"The knob", as Makenna calls it!
Recipe hunting

A game of Candy Land

Laundry and cleaning

Kaleb doing dishes

The kids showed us their animals

Mumzie liked their cows...I mean cattle :D

Austin kicking up some dust

Playing Monopoly

Levi and S.A.M playing Othello
We made some No-Bake cookies

Austin had the "fun" job of stirring constantly :)

Peanut butter...lots and lots of it!


Helpful brothers

Another style we tried on Makenna

Taste testing :D

Dish washing

Taste Testing II
Okay, these No-Bakes are really good! Taste Testing III
We rode bikes out to the field

Lining up....
the bases

Our nice catcher..
Let's Play Ball!!

Finding the ball in a clover field can be a little difficult!!
Mumzie having fun!
Way to go Makenna!!
Sorting socks

Making pancakes...


~Mumzie and S.A.M.~

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  1. So sweet! Looks like you all had a good time. And such precious kiddos too- love those smiles!


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