Tuesday, September 4, 2012

FCC Conference

After spending a week at the RPI conference, then a week at Ike and Meg's, we traveled with the Vernon's to the FCC conference!
 (Just as a forewarning, there are quite a few pictures that are horribly over-exposed, under-exposed, or blurry. This is because I am learning how to adjust exposure on my camera, and decided to not take the time to photo edit them before posting.)
Little friends greeting each-other....too cute!

Game time

Getting game instructions

Sweet sisters

Mrs. M., the hostess of the evening

C.'s turn being "it"




The circle gets smaller

Late-night visiting
My adventurous nephews

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 Too cute 

People watching volleyball. The sweet couple in the foreground got engaged during the conference...so exciting!

The afore mentioned volleyball game

Little girls giggling in the hallway
Tailgating :)

Meg and Toad
The master griller

We enjoyed swimming every afternoon

JuneBug loved swimming in the pool (so did Peanut ;)

Toad just relaxed with his Momma while we swam (being just over a week old, it was quite understandable :)

Peanut enjoyed the front-porch rocking chairs

H. asked everyone to sign her note book...such a fun idea!

Game time again!
Someone filled a latex glove with water, drew a face on it, and gave it a name :)

C. and the glove
Yummy snacks

 A. making more popcorn

Clean up after the games

The Brain Trust having a meeting :)

Stories of hands getting super-glued to floors, and other such things :)

Perusing the book table

 Several rounds of Catchprase


 It was a lot of fun :)
 A. was particularly animated in his descriptions :D

Morning tickles from Peanut's Papa

 We girls had fun admiring and holding this baby :)

Watching a slide show from a friend's wedding
We were so thrilled that Katie and Malcolm could come for an afternoon!

Greeting friends

Malcolm loves his Pop-pum's head!

Group hug!

Pop-pum, Mum-mum, and their 3 oldest grandsons

 Katie blessed us by bringing us lunch one day, with enough leftovers to last several meals! Thanks, sweet sister! ♥
 As you will recall from a previous post, a friend took some family pictures for us. As she adjusted camera settings before the shoot, I posed as her subject and had fun being a little goofy :)

This was our support team for the photo shoot....they were supposed to help keep the kids smiling for the camera :D Thanks, guys!

Oldest brother, youngest brother

So cute.
The gnats were quite a pain to deal with :D

Mumzie with her youngest grandson

My parents ♥

Mumzie, Katie, and Malcolm
Kisses from Malcolm....
Kisses for Malcolm!

M. on kitchen duty
Sand volleyball
People waiting their turn

Good hit, Katie!

Mumzie holding the sleeping Malcolm
A mound of sand with a head on top :D


Saying good-byes :(
Visiting with Mrs. G. after the evening session
 Snuggling with JuneBug as he awoke from his nap

Mrs. G. getting a turn with Toad

Peanut just loved Opa's wheelchair, and Opa loved showing it to him :)

Lots of visiting

Daddy doing some late-night devotions with the boys before bed

What a joy to sing Psalms together

A. gathering all the Psalters afterwards

Some other photographers and I experimented with different photo-shooting effects

Chatting with Zoe, Phillip, and C.
Daddy visiting with some of the M. guys

More games

I love seeing all the different expressions in these pictures!

While some played their games, others visited
Clean up and setting back up after the games
Isn't it a blessing when everyone pitches in?!
One of my favorite yearly traditions....taking pictures of everyone setting up for the group photo!

Relaxing afterwards

Laughing at me :)
Alli and B.

Mr. C., Mr. L., and I.M.

Love this shot...S. climbing the wall behind his mom, who is oblivious to what he's up to

Then he gives me that ornery smile after he jumps down :D.

That evening, a panel discussion of pastors was held for the young people. It was such a blessing!
"Do not take my picture eating this watermelon!"


All eyes on one person :)

Squeezing in some late night conversations on our last evening

 We heard testimonies of how the Lord brought people to Himself, and discussed the things of the Lord

 The tech crew
Sweet A.

We Americans had fun learning how to sing the Psalms Gaelic style from Mr. Gracie and Mr. Beers

There were lots and lots of watermelons donated to the conference, so we enjoyed eating watermelon for meals and snacks. We had so many watermelons that everyone got to take some home!

We thought we had said good-bye to R. and his family....when they had to turn around for something they forgot.

Mrs. L. and Alli

Fitting in some last minute snuggles with Toad before they left

 "Good-bye, little Toad!"
What an enjoyable and blessed conference. I highly recommend listening to the sermons from the conference (are you surprised? :D), and you can do so here. Hope you find them a blessing.
The Morton Maiden


  1. Such sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing them! Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday, Lord willing! :)

  2. Do you know what happened to A.M.'s arm? I noticed that his arm was not in a sling in the first pictures but is in later ones.
    Looks like you had a great time. I wish we could have been there!!

  3. Joanna~

    A.M. dislocated his shoulder while playing a version of "capture the flag"....sounded pretty painful. It never fails that someone gets hurt at conference!

    Wish you could have been there, too!



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