Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 10 in Virginia: Washington, DC

"Are you ready to go?"

We met up with N. and her son, S.!

"How do we purchase our metro tickets?"

Boarding the Metro

On the Metro!

Stephen and I

The passage way
My first time in DC!
Cool building

A lovely garden

"Look! There's the Capitol!"

We saw a group of people dressed up as pirates...they looked pretty authentic!

The ceiling inside the Natural History Museum

Love the architecture!

The Hope Diamond

Malcolm and Stephen like the museum!


This guy was playing his own type of drums....buckets and trash cans turned upside down, along with a grocery cart

The White House
On the Front Lawn

This is....

...a cool building.

Another view of The White House

Cute S.

Our chaotic picnic lunch


The Renwick Art Museum

Inside the Renwick

Lady Katie

Walking yet again


The river we walked along

After a long walk, we finally arrived at our destination!

N. waiting for our order


More cupcakes!
More, and more cupcakes!

S. liked his cupcake :D

Resting on a bench

The romantics

S. and his mommy
I really wished I could have ran through that water!
Another shot of the river along which we walked

"Children, this is how you press the button on elevators!" N. had to show us how to press elevator buttons....Katie and I were forgetting to press them all day!
Traffic below
As we were finishing up our cupcakes, I had to get a picture of Stephen eating from the looked like he was eating the whole thing! :D

So ended my first day in DC

The Morton Maiden


  1. Looks like so much fun- history, nature, family, friends and food!!! Does it get any better? :o)

    1. Sam~
      LOL! It certainly was a good day....I feel like the pictures don't do justice to everything we did and how much fun it was!

  2. I had to laugh about the guy with the trashcans! Was he looking for handouts? Did you get to see any memorials while in DC?

    1. Joanna~
      Yes, the "musician" (if you want to call him that :D) was looking for money. It sounded decent considering his resources!

      Sadly, we did not get to see any memorials. But I'm hopeful that the next time we're in DC we will :)


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