Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Day 6 in Virginia

Finding that we were out of eggs, I made egg-less pancakes for breakfast using a wonderful egg substitute from this website

 "Dig in!"

 Malcolm is teething and chewing on everything. Yes, everything, including towels.

 Anna stopped over for a fun visit

 We had mocha's, thanks to Katie :)

 To everyone who reads Katie's blog, this is what the other side of her posts usually looks like :D

 Malcolm is regularly pulling himself up, and occasionally taking a very small step! He's growing so quickly!

 I had fun taking family pictures for Stephen, Katie, and Malcolm

 Exploring with Daddy

 Both have such beautiful eyes!

 For dinner we had Chinese..."what to order?"

 "May I please try some?"

 Sorry, buddy....not quite yet!

 In case you haven't figured it out yet, that is sushi! Yes, Stephen and Katie introduced me to sushi!

 "Here it goes!"

 "It's chewy, fishy, and just....weird and....disgusting" :) I also experienced caviar for the first time (because it was on the sushi :), which wasn't too bad :)

 We thought this edible plate decoration looked like a hair piece :D

 What is Malcolm so transfixed on?....

 ...TV screens at Target :)

We played Domino's later that evening

 "0" is exactly how many points I had for the first two rounds :D

 ...but Stephen won the 3rd round :(

The Morton Maiden


  1. Mmmm... sushi. My mouth is totally watering.

  2. Oh, it looks like you all are having so much fun!
    I love the family pics!
    I'm sorry (or am I glad) that most of us have not experienced that broad of a scope with Chinese food:-) Your description of the sushi was hilarious.
    We too have used the flax-seed substitute many times! I'm glad you found a recipe and that it worked well for your pancakes:-) We have found that it also works well with a lot of muffins and cakes, but that's with whole wheat flour too, which would probably make some difference. It even works pretty well with choc. chip cookies, as long as you like the nutty flavor that it adds. One thing I would NOT recommend trying it with is brownies. That's not so nice:-)
    Thanks for keeping us updated with pictures on how your trip is going. (I guess you took us all serious:-)
    Oh, one more thing: Malcolm is absolutely, totally, completely cute and adorable:-)
    With love,

  3. Brittany~
    I actually used a mix of flour, oil, water, and baking powder as the egg substitute instead of the flax-seed one. It's great to know that the flax seed works well in other baked goods! Brownies are something that just aren't worth experimenting with...they're too valuable. :D
    So glad you've enjoyed the pictures! Katie and I decided we would try posting every day or every other day to keep things up-to-date (and so I don't have to do it when I leave :D)....we were SUPPOSED to take turns on posting (Katie do one day, I do the next), but it hasn't turned out that way :) (I'm just poking fun at Katie)
    I definitely agree with your comments on Malcolm :D


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