Friday, May 25, 2012


This is my long overdue post of our trip to visit my Great-Grandparents in Florida

Before our flight, we tried P.F. Chang's for the first time!

In Air. This was the first time for any of us to fly together!

In Florida! Grandpa and Grandma took us to Emerson Point.

Palm tree trunk

The Spanish Moss was so neat!

This was a very unique tree

It was so pretty walking along the trails

Taking a break

There was lots of little lizards around


The Manatee river

Taking in the view

The fin of a porpoise

2 porpoises

Feeling the water

"It's warm!"

Atop a tree trunk



After sight-seeing, we had some root beer floats back at Grandpa's and Grandma's

One of their neighbors was growing a beautiful pineapple

Neighbors stopped by for a visit (a very common occurrence around there...I loved it! :D)

We went for an evening stroll

...and visited the pond
All the black birds perch on the top of the bush, and all the white ones on the bottom

Enjoying the evening

Visiting good friends
Mumzie, Grandpa, Grandma and I with one of their friends

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge
A view from the other side
A pelican getting ready to dive for his lunch

There he went!
Thought this was a humorous sight

LOL! Yet another humorous picture!

More pictures of the Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Grandpa with his sister, my Great-Great Aunt M.!

One evening Grandpa and I walked along the beach to watch the sunset

We weren't sure how much of a sunset there would be since it was cloudy

It was fun seeing people's sand artwork

As we walked, Grandpa shared stories and talked about the amazement of God's creation

The tide

I love watching waves

We saw several couples walking the beach sweet!

The sun began to set beautifully

My last picture before the sun disappeared. There is, I believe, nothing quite like watching the sun set at a beach. Doing it with my Great-Grandpa was a sweet memory that made it all the more special.

Yet another thing I found humorous....a tree sitting right in the middle of the parking lot :)

Mumzie sharing her exciting story from the previous day

All those trunks are actually one tree!

Again....all part of the same tree

These roots hang down from the limbs, and then attach themselves to the ground, forming another trunk of the tree.

A view from the "side"

Grandma and Grandpa

We had planned to go swimming that particular day, but with an obvious storm brewing, we decided it would be best to forgo that idea :)

At first glance, Mumzie looks cool and collected...but if you look closer you can see the concern on her face (because of the weather) :D

It was still beautiful, though!

We went ahead and walked a little in the water since we couldn't swim

The "Unconditional Surrender" statue

At the flea market, Grandpa hunts for the perfect watermelon

He picked one from this stack

There are peacocks that hang around the flea market and sleep in the trees

Grandpa putting together a little surprise for his friend...a broken car found on the beach :)

Fresh coconut!

Friends love stopping by for Grandpa's coffee breaks!

Taking a look at the neighbor's pineapple

Enjoying a delicious seafood dinner

We liked their napkins (paper towels) hanging from the ceiling

Visiting Great-Great Aunt M. and Uncle D.

....and visiting Mr. M.

It was so good to meet/see again Grandpa's and Grandma's friends

Mrs. S., a long-time family friend

We waited until Daddy was around to cut the watermelon!

This was a group effort :)

Next day, Grandpa and Daddy drilled the coconut open

Pouring out the (yucky) coconut milk
Sawing open the coconut

Friends coming over again for the morning coffee break

Paper towels, a phone call, and chap stick application....a chaotic bunch we are! :)
Cutting out the coconut. It was so good!
More friends popping over

They have very dynamic conversations :) We were laughing the whole time!

Grandpa is usually the chairman of the coffee breaks, and people are required to raise their hand if they wish to speak (which ends up happening only about half the time :D), and often times motions are made about very important issues (such as where to eat for lunch). It is quite the experience....all done in fun and everyone has a good time!
Daddy learning a new trick

Taco bell is one of Grandpa's and Grandma's favorite places for lunch. We had one last stop there before leaving.

One last picture before leaving (it was bright out!)


Home safe and sound!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to visit Grandpa and Grandma! Can't wait to do it again.

The Morton Maiden

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