Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Days 13 and 14 in Virginia

This day happened to be my birthday, and I was surprised to have Stephen, Katie, and Malcolm bring me a delicious breakfast tray while singing "happy birthday"! It was such a treat!

My breakfast tray. The food was served in special heirloom dishes from our Great-Grandparents!

It was so delicious and very British :D

Katie's kitty creamer....."meow" :)

On the metro again!

Our first stop back in DC was the American History Museum.

Touring the railway portion of the museum...."Excuse me sir....where is the next train heading?"

After an unsuccessful attempt to get an answer from the gentleman, we decided to ask this lady...who also wouldn't talk to us. :D


In front of the Washington monument

Kisses from Mommy in front of the Capitol

Yours Truly

Next stop...

...the Smithsonian Castle

Outside the castle...

...now inside the castle!


We loved the circle couches!

Waiting for the metro on the way home

We had The Cheesecake Factory for dinner!
It was indeed a blessed birthday.

Next day, I had my last "morning time with Malcolm"...where I would watch him for a little bit before Katie woke up

 It was so good to see Daddy and Mumzie again! They treated me to Red Lobster!

 On our way home we stopped by a small ice cream shop and picked up...

...funnel cakes on a stick! (it was the closest thing to real funnel cakes we could get)

What a memorable, fun vacation.

The Morton Maiden

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