Thursday, May 3, 2012

Days 7, 8, & 9 in Virginia

 Stephen's parents and siblings came by for dinner...what fun it was!

 Hanging out with Grandpa

 Smiles for Aunt Abby

 The Mouring's provided yummy and rich!

 New toy: milk jug

 Lovely Mrs. Mouring and her two lovely daughters


 My hairstyle for that day...a messy version of the Gibson roll

 Malcolm and I relaxed and watched some TV together

 Katie looking smashing for her man

 I had the joy of babysitting while Stephen and Katie went on a date

 We watched some of The Piano Guys (they're pretty popular around here :D)

Today's hairstyle...a different take on a bun!

Sorry we're running a little low on pictures...we're too busy having fun being together! :)

The Morton Maiden

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  1. Dad and I are having fun, but we are jealous of all the time you are getting with family!! Thank you for keeping us updated as what you are doing!! I love the bun! You are going to have to practice on my hair when you get home!! Malcolm looks like he is having fun with his Auntie...His is soooo cute!! I love all your fashion highlights. I like Katie in the jean jacket and white dress w/ cute hair style!! Love and Miss you! Mumzie


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